How did LASOUL, the Czech brand of sports clothing for women originate? When you ride your bike on outings and have nothing proper to wear, that’s how! LASOUL is perfect brand for all of you, you don’t feel good in cycling jersey and you feel like a boy in a bike t-shirt. You want to wear something that doesn’t negate your femininity, something that is comfortable and completely functional. I couldn’t find anything to suit me, so I decided to have it sewn and establish LASOUL!

A brand of sports clothing for all positive women who enjoy sport, simply because it makes them smile. And when that smile appears as they put their clothes on, that’s even better!

A brand of sports clothing for confident and stylish women, who are not afraid to go against the flow, for whom sport is an integral part of life and who love life!

A brand of sports clothing that is not selfish and supports the “Life in a Suitcase” project by the LA VIDA LOCA Fund. Because saving the life stories of children who grow up outside their biological families simply makes sense.

Who am I? Martina. I enjoy spending my free time actively and mostly on my bike. What else can I do when my husband is a professional biker, right? I gradually came to love biking and today I cannot imagine setting out on a holiday in the Czech Republic without my bike. I ride a bike for fun, I choose trips so that we experience and see something, our goal is not to break any records.

Travelling in general is my great passion. I come alive every time I pack my suitcase and get depressed every time I unpack it. I left my travelling heart in the Pacific thanks to a single, once-in-a-lifetime month spent on Hawaii and my dream is to see all of it. From Honolulu to Auckland. Maybe I will manage it someday. And if not, never mind, I enjoy dreaming.

I dream about my daughter inheriting my enthusiasm for travelling and I have supported this trait in her since she was born. When she was six months old she travelled to the south of France with us to the Azure Coast and since then she has boarded a plane at least every six months.

Flying personally exhausts me and it took me years to stop being afraid of flying. But I managed to get used to it because it allows me to experience various parts of the world. But I travel around the Czech Republic as enthusiastically as travelling to foreign countries.

I enjoy sharing recommendations for trips, so I write a blog about our travelling on the LASOUL too.

Address: LASOUL, Martina Prokopova, Pokorneho 866/19, 198 00  Prague, Czech Republic
T +420 777 774 598

IN 07091826         
The entrepreneur is registered in the Czech Trade Register.

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