Petofi Sándor

The start of the race was at two o'clock in the afternoon on Saturday. The sun was rising slowly and I did not want to spend all day in the shopping mall. I wanted to get known Budapest at least a little bit. Also grandmother is going to celebrate her birthday and I wanted to buy famous marzipan sweets.

Apáczai Csere Jámos

Michal left alone and I walked to the Danube. After a while a view of the river lost in the mist appeared . It was lying there like a blanket, hid the river level and somewhere in the distance the castle towers could be seen. It was still early and I met only a few people, which was nice. I stood on the bridge, the sun was shining on my back and the mist began to disappear very fast. Within minutes the level of the Danube appeard and I recognized ice floes floating there. One after another was floating under my feet, and I could not move. I simply stood and watched Budapest to wake up into a beautiful sunny day. After about twenty minutes I looked at my watch, it was time to find a pastry shop.

Kossuth Lajos


Morning in Budapest

Who is into sweets, can not leave Budapest without having tasted a marzipan. Renowned pastry shop, café and chocolate factory is Szamos Gourmet Ház, where I was going. I bought candy for our grandmother and parents, who were taking care of Ella this weekend and of course, I have not forgot to by bear from marzipan for Ella as well.

Számos Gourmet Ház

Time was running fust, but I tried to ignore it. I continued walking up the river, crossed Lanchid bridge over to the other side and after a while I looked at truly majestic parliament building. I think, in Budapest, there is everything huge. Starting from the Danube, wide roads in the downtown, to churches, railway stations ...




My watch showed half past one, I really had to go. I took the subway to Downmall. I realized what a pity it is, that I always travel to Budapest to join some event and not to visit Budapest itself. It is amazing city .... so I'll be back ... to visit it!