Stará Boleslav

Stará Boleslav

Beginning of our biketrip close Stará Boleslav

We started our biketrip in Stara Boleslav near Zátopek running circuits. If you arrive by car, you can park it at the beginning of the street Lomená alej. You cannot continue by car further, as it is forbidden. The road leads in the pine forest. We took the first turn right and continued along the tree fields of Lesoškolky Czech Republic to several commercial buildings.

The road is still without hills here. Cars are not allowed and you meet only a few tourists, which is nice. We took the right turn again and after a while we continued straight on a forest path to first houses of Novy Vestec village. We rode slightly to the left and came to a bridge over the Jizera river in Káraný village.

Nový Vestec


Although it might not seem at first sight, the main road in Káraný is quite busy and it's good to pay attention mainly on the bridge over the Jizera river. There is also the first chance to stop for refreshment in the river bath Jizerka. In summer you can also take a dip in the Jizera.

Bridge over Jizera river in Káraný

River spa Jizerka


Behind the bridge, we turned left and continued along a quiet street to the pub U Ferusů. Another opportunity to take a break. We did not stay here either and joined the official 0037 cycling path that runs close to the protected water zones to the chapel of St.. Wenceslas in the Imperial Forests.

The local forests were once used to hunting, even Charles IV. was comming here for a hunt. But logging has caused the gradual thinning of forests and oak, which prevailed, ceased to flourish. Emperor Ferdinand I. was responsible for forest recovery, limited mining and during his reign began pine forest planting. Heyday but reached the Imperial Forests under Rudolf II., who founded the forest resesrvation and built hunting lodges.

Pub U Ferusů

Cycyling route 0037

Imperial Forests

Imperial Forests

In the place where now the chapel of St. Wenceslas stands, led the path to Lysa nad Labem. The former owner of the manor Frantisek Antonin Spork built an eremit house there. The sources indicate that originally there was a chapel of St. Wenceslas on one side of the road with two statues of angels on both sides. Behind the chapel the eremit lived in his room. Across the road there was the summer palace where priests lived. The 12 m high tower with a windmill was located nearby and next to it gardeners lived. There was also an orchard and ornamental garden with fountains and 14 stone statues. After the death of Count Spork let his daughter move almost everything to Lysa nad Labem and only the baroque chapel of St. Wenceslas with two statues remained there. It is said that the statues are the work of Matthias B. Braun, but according to current information, it is not true.

St. Wenzel´s Chapel

Statues at St. Wnzel´s Chapel

We shortly returned back to the crossroad of cycle paths and continued on the cycle trail No. 0041 towards Grado. Grado is a weekend houses area of Karany village at the oxbows of the Elbe. We made a stop there, watched ducks, admired first spring flowers and enjoyed the sun.

Cycling route 0041 to Grádo

Labe river

Labe river

Finaly spring

We crossed the bridge comfortably over the water and continued along weekend houses out of the village. Other refreshment is possible in the pub Grado., which is right on the banks of the Elbe oxbows.

Bridge to Grádo

Bridge to Grádo


Pub Grádo

Behind the pub we continued on the Elbe Cycle Path, turned right and along the hydroelectric plant took the ride back to Káraný. On the opposite bank of the Elbe you can see Čelákovice town. There was just riding a water scooter on the Elbe river but ducks and swans didn´t care at all.

Labe cycling route

Labe river

We returned to Káraný, at the Municipal Office we turned left and along the waterworks continued to the pub U Ferusů. We rode back to Stara Boleslav the same way.

Labe cycling route

Waterworks in Káraný since 1914

If you are looking for an easy biketrip near Prague, this area is perfect and everyone can handle it. The biketrip could be extended along the Elbe to Brandys nad Labem and a return to the starting point is possiblle through Stara Boleslav town. But about this maybe next time. Me and my mom talked enough during these nearly seventeen kilometers today. :-)

Biketrip map