Who wants to get to know the Cirque de Salazie, goes to the mountain village of Hell-Bourg and than hiking from there. The road stretches along the canyon of the Riviere du Mat and comes alongside the beautiful waterfalls. You even drive right under them at some places, which was a great experience for Ella.

Cirque de Salazie

The most beautiful waterfall in the Cirque de Salazie is the Cascade du Voile de la Mariee, so called The Bride Veil, which is located near the village of Salazie. A high waterfall runs down several steps from the tops of the mountains, which are often hidden in the clouds, down into the steep valley. The view is really breathtaking.
From the Bride Veil, it's just a short drive to the village of Hell-Bourg, you only have to take 9 km of sharp turns. This typical Reunion village, surrounded by majestic mountain slopes, was named after Governor Amiral de Hell, who established the thermal baths here. They worked here until 1948, when the hot spring splashed the landslide.


The main street of Hell-Bourgu line up picturesque Creole houses from the colonial times, where there are restaurants, shops, cafes, post office in them ... It was the enchanting of the Creole houses that the colors were shining. I would move right away!

Main street in Hell-Bourg

The area around Hell-Bourgu is a paradise for hikers. Tracks of varying lengths and difficulty are countless. There is also a possibility of accommodation here, so nothing prevents you from exploring it.

Cirque de Salazie

Cirque de Salazie is one of the most beautiful areas of the island. The strong energy that flows from the forested mountains and the waterfalls is perhaps the strongest we have ever experienced. I love it here.

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Cirque de Salazie location