We spent nearly two weeks in Puerto Rico. We soon understood why the Czechs travel to Dominican Republic, Cuba or Mexico more than here. There are not kilometers of wide beaches with fine sand and turquoise water! There are small beaches, which are hard to find and with no service at all. Catalog beaches can be found on small Puerto Rican islands, such as Culebra or Vieques, but we were not going there.

Puerto Rico is famous for its perfect nature! Where else can you find a few hours apart subtropical and rain forest? Or at three locations unique phosphorescent bay? And what about Coquí frogs, which are yelling "ko:ki" at you all day even in San Juan? Also incredible amount of waterfalls below which you can carelessly swim? And do not forget amazing caves! For Puerto Ricans common thing, for us big treasure that we've found here and amazed!

However, even greater treasure are Puerto Ricans themselves. They might be born smiling and dying with the smile on lips as well. And I understand. I have not experienced such positives vibes anywhere else. They are not in a hurry, but be careful, they are not lazy. They are happy to help, nothing is a problem for them and they really care about you to be happy and satisfied. First you are going crazy, then you tune into the same way, it is incredibly liberating.

Now, at the end of our journey, I can finally answer the question, why I have decided for Puerto Rico? I needed to see that people can still smile and enjoy life. Just like it is. That's what I will remember when you say "Puerto Rico". I still have a smile on my lips. What about you, hm? :-)

Adiós ... and THANK YOU for traveling with us! We drove almost 1.800 km and had an amazing time!