Spejbl, Manicka and Grandma puppets are giving gifts to Hurvinek to his birthday and you, as a visitor, you can enter them during the exhibition. In each "gift box" you can play theather with puppets, listen to a short story and get inspired. However, to touch the puppets was even greater experience for Ella.

There are written memories and interesting information from behind the scenes on the walls. Even the walls have interactive elements.

In addition to the gifts, kids can explore a doghouse of Zeryk, try to wear Manicka dresses and wigs made of plywood, watch a short film about the backstage and see the famous puppets in the showcases. Or to sit for a while in a chair under the lamp and look at a photo album with early figures of the show.

The highlight for kids is the opportunity to take a picture on the big bench with all the figures. We have dozens of photos, because Ella wanted to take a picture with each figure from all sides. It was absolutely magical to see how enthusiastically she runs around her heroes. Although the exhibition is not big, it is certainly a pleasant experience for every little and big fan. If you've not been yet, do not hesitate, it ends this Sunday, 19th February.