We started in Velké Karlovice. You can leave your car either in the parking lot at the local swimming pool or in front of the Church of Our Lady of Snow. The wooden Roman Catholic church from 1754 has a plan of the cross, and above the center of the church is a baroque tower with two bells. The interior of the church is beautiful, do not miss your visit before starting your ride.

Church of Our Lady of Snow

From the church we rode along the Bečva Cycle Route upstream. It copies the main road, in some places you have to cross the main road, so it is good to be careful. Approximately six kilometers later, we turned left into the valley of the Velká Hanzlůvka, we rode by several weekend houses along the asphalt road, then through the forest we climb a long hill to Laď'ův spring.

Velká Hanzlůvka valley

Velká Hanzlůvka

Uphill ride to Laďův spring

The water from Laďův spring, or from the spring of Velká Hanzlůvka, will come in handy after a long uphill ride. On the hills there are more springs and you will meet some along the way.

Laďův spring

The forest trail turns left and it is heading under Vysoká, the highest peak of Vsetín Beskydy (1,024 m above sea level). We did not ride to the top of the Vysoká, but followed red tourist sign. Although the climb began to be hard, it was still on a pleasant surface. As the trees slumped, we enjoyed the first views of the surroundings.

Pod Vysokou viewpoint

One of the many springs in the mountains

Pod Vysokou forest trail

The more demanding terrain for the carrier came out of the woods over the Polana peak, when stones began to appear on the road, which complicated my ride. And I did not know yet, it was just the beginning.


The trail continued through Beneška. Forests alternated the plains and pastures where the cows were resting in the shade, and the views of the Beskydy were served from right and left. It was wonderful. This part of the trip is the most beautiful and I think nothing can beat it soon.


I see the crossing in the saddle Pod Kotlovou as a milestone between the demanding and the most demanding part of the trip. If I did not have an electric bike, I would be crying like a girl, we met on the trail. I totally understood her. The first stony steep hill came just above the refreshment Pod Kotlovou. I was afraid to ride it with Chariot, so Michal did it. I walked up on foot with his bike. There was another beautiful view overhead, which made me feel better.

Pod Kotlovou

Above Pod Kotlovou

The trail continued through the woods. Soon, another stony steep hill appeared and I decided to try it out. It was little bit demanding but I made it. Thanks to Turbo mode on my e-bike, I pulled the carrier without any problems. What I was most concerned about, was the audience. Every time I rode uphill, everyone stopped and looked at me like at a trained monkey. They probably regretted Ella sitting in the carrier, but she slept and did not suffer any harm.

But to be honest, I was happy when we reached the Soláň slopes and passed the cross to the Zvonice Soláň. It is said that it is called "Wallachian Olymp" and for me it was the Olymp at all!

Ski slope of Soláň

On the peak of Soláň


At Soláň we had a lunch, relaxed and then enjoyed downhill ride along the green tourist sign. It was a reward. The trail continued along the asphalt road by the family houses, then through the footpath and forest to the main road back to Velké Karlovice.

Final downhill to Velké Karlovice

It was challenging even with my e-bike. but for that beautiful nature and amazing views I forgive everything those ridges. Let the kids with someone in Razulák park in Velké Karlovice, take bikes and enjoy the ride. It's really worth it.

Cycling route map