Bled castle

Lake Bled is perhaps the most photographed place in Slovenia. I've seen it a million times before, but in reality it's more beautiful. The lake is of glacial origin, surrounded by the mountains of Pokljuka and Jelovica and behind them, the Caravans and the Julian Alps. Its clear blue-green color water will get you. On the rock at an altitude of 130 meters above the surface there is a castle which history dates back to 1011. The best thing of the castle is supposedly the beautiful view of the lake.

Bled castle

If you want to swim near restaurants and bars, have all the facilities at your close, have fun on water slides, you can use the Grajsko swimming pool, which is on the lake just below the castle. There is also one of several boat rentals. Because you'd better enjoy Bled on the water. Ella enjoyed the boat and paddling a lot. If it was on her, we're still on the boat today.

Boats is simply "must-try" thing

Regattas are regularly held in Bled and the Rowing World Championship has been held here several times. We chose their resort for swimming and it was great. There is a wooden pier and comfortable access to the water. The thermal springs warm the water to a pleasant 26 degrees Celsius, so in hot summer days that we had, it is beautifully refreshing.


And most of all, it's close to the island with the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, where everyone can ring with a bell of wishes. We had a paddleboard with us, so I went to the island with Ella on it. Ella was so excited that she ran a rather steep stairway that led to the church, without complaining. By the way, there are ideal conditions for SUP, I really enjoyed it.

Island with Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

SUP ideal conditions

Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

On the island, you can either paddle, like us, swim, borrow a boat, or take advantage of ferry services that take tourists on the traditional wooden boat Pletna. Tourists sit on the perimeter of the ship and the ferryman stands at the back and rows with two oars. The boats are beautiful, the job less.

Traditional Pletna boat

The see whole lake, you can ride a bike or walk around. On each side, it is different and yet the same. Quiet, nice, photogenic and full of positive energy. That's how we experienced it and we would come back.

You can stay in hotels, guest houses or campsites right by the lake. We stayed about 10 minutes by car from the lake and it was okay. We left the car on one of the several paid parking lots.

Bled lake location