Bohin lakej

The lake is over 4 km long, 1 km wide and 45 meters deep. The water comes from the Savica waterfall and the river Sava Bohinjka flows from it. Again, we were excited about the green-blue and crystal clear water. The village of Ribčev Laz is located right next to the lake, where there are several hotels, restaurants, bars, shops and an information center. At the bridge, there is the church of St. John the Baptist. There is also a small boat harbor, whrere you can rent a boat or a kayak. The entrance to the water is stony here, so it is better to use one of the many wooden piers.

Church of St John the Baptist

West part of Bohinj lake at Ribčev Laz

If you want to relax in absolute silence, watch tiny fishes in crystal clear water and hear only a rush of water, head to the opposite side of the lake. Here you will find a paradise from which you will not want to leave.

East part of Bohinj lake

As I mentioned, the water from the Savica waterfall, which is nearby, flows into the lake. There lead endless stairs to it and you cannot get directly to it, but it is worth visiting.

Savica waterfall

I fell in love with Lake Bohinj at first glance. I´ve known it since I was a kid, but only during the winter. And in the summer, it's ... how to express myself right ... simply perfect.

Bohinj location