Church of St John the Baptist

Because we stayed in a hotel in Ribčev Laz near Lake Bohinj, we started from here. We crossed the bridge across the river Sava Bohinjka and at the church of St. John the Baptist, we left the village to join the official cycle path. The beginning of the day was totally innocent, the bike trail copied the Ribnica River and it was flat. The first climb came to the village of Studor v Bohinju and then to Srednja vas v Bohinju, it was still ok.

Cycyling path along Ribnica river

Bridge over Ribnica river

Studor v Bohinju

Studor v Bohinju

The first problem appeared in the village of Srednja vas v Bohinju, where the map led us to a footpath that was narrow, stony and so steep that it was impossible to ride there with Ella in Chariot carrier. So we returned to Studor and continued on the road. Asphalt changed into gravel with pots. Before the path hid in the forest, we had an amazing view to valley.

View to the valley at Studor


Climbing began to be neverending and exhausting. I had Ella in carrier behind my Ghost Teru 9, and the battery in that extreme climb was discharging in front of my eyes. I had to go to the highest level of Turbo, otherwise I would not have made it up to the hill. When battery showed 16 km range, I asked Michal how many kilometrs are left. I got depressed after the information that we are at halfway up and 10 km are ahead. I stopped and wanted to go back. But Michal did not want to. He connected the carrier to his bike and made it uphill. My battery was still discharging, but I changed to Tour mode, so it was not that extreme. I still do not understand where Michal took the energy to make it.

On of many neverending uphill rides

Our first stop was the Uskovnica Plain, where we first saw the original shepherd's chalets, where you can buy fresh cheese and milk and you can refresh at the chapel with spring water. Everywhere cows and horses are grazed and the Julian Alps create a beautiful panorama.


You can find the signs everywhere, but biking trails are badly marked here. It's good to have either a classic paper map with you, or a map app that works offline. I naively thought that when I was at an altitude of 1,180 m, it would be more downhill now. How I was wrong! We were expecting another terrible climb to the Zajamniki Plateau, which is at 1,300 m above the sea level. We were 10 km from the start and the 22 km were left.

Plateau Zajamniki was a great reward for the 13 km uphill ride. We could not believe that we had something so amazing in front of our eyes. We sat in the grass, picked up strawberries, gained energy, and were enjoying this place.


Now downhill ride was ahead. The map has led us again on the pedestrian path. It was narrow, stony and extremely steep. It is possible to continue from Zajamniki to gravel road, but it would be a very long detour and we became tired. We decided to ride it. Ella was safely sitting in the carrier and we drove carefully. Of course, it was hard because the Chariot carrier pushed Michal with his weight down, but he made it. When we left the forest into the meadow, we were happy

Downhill ride from Zajamniki

Pastures bellow Zajamniki

We passed the farm, joined the road, and climbed again along the pastures. Then came a small reward in the form of a short downhill ride to the village of Koprivnik v Bohinju with the first refreshment stop. Ella was swinging on the swing and we were resting by the cold drinks. Another complications on our way to the viewpoint of Vodnikov Razglednik should come.

Koprivnik v Bohinju

To reach the viewpoint and then the Lake Bohinj, our destination, we should have continued from the village along the main road. But at the intersection, the workman stopped us, that the road was closed to cyclists as well. If I imagined that we need to go back and ride up the hill up to the woods again, I was totally desperate. The map showed us another option, to take it along the hiking path. We already knew what was waiting for us, and after a short hesitation, we decided to go again.

The path started right under the viewpoint of Vodnikov Razglednik, where we climbed up the stony stairs. A valley that ended at the shore of the lake Bohinj, opened up in front of our eyes and gave us some energy.

Viewpoint of Vodnikov Razglednik

We were so close to the valley and so far away at the same time. Michal rode down with the Chariot carrier cautiously along the trail again and we found ourselves on a forest road that led to the main road where the workman did not allow us to ride there. The path continued through the woods. It was a dilemma, but when the foresters' car suddenly passed us, we decided to risk it and continue along the main road. We were already tired and we wanted to be as soon as possible in the valley.

It was beautiful, the downhill ride was a big reward, and we both enjoyed it. In the meantime, freshly laid asphalt appeared in front of us. There was noone anywhere. We breath deeply and drove on it and waited what will happen. Luckily nothing, and we were ok. After a few meters, we met a motorbike going in the opposite direction and calmed down. When they made it on a motorbike, we would make it on the bike. I probably never felt so happy as I felt when Jereka sign was ahead.

Nice downhill ride to Jereka

We passsed the workers and the sign with the forbidden entry and along the road continued to the village of Bitnje, where we joined the official cycle path. It led through the valley along the river Sava Bohinjka, over the picturesque villages, meadows and pastures. Although there were no hills, I had the TURBO mode and let the ebike take me to the lake, where we all dove into the water.

Valley close to Bohinj lake

We have rode almost 33 km with an elevation of 1,200 m. Planning of biketrips is on me. This one was extremely hard for us both, even Michal says it was not that terrible. He never complains and did not let me to give up. When you love hills and do not mind ride 15 km up, I recommend this trail! When you hate hills, choose the cycle paths in the valley. From now on I began to read the maps properly.

Biketrip map