Beginning of the educational trail

We left the car at a small parking place right next to the Jan Zizka Monument of Trocnov. We missed the exposition about him and we set out on a educational path that measures 4 km. Along the route there are ten information panels introducing the important milestones of Hussitism.

Museum of Jan Zizka

The trail leads from the museum around the bases of the Žižka courtyared, along the meadows continues on the edge of the forest to the mound, the 13-meter granite monument of the warlord, to the place of Žižka's birth, which is today only a memorial stone. The trail continues through the woods around old ponds with natural habitats. Another stop is the Miks' court and the Upper Pond dam. The end of the nature trail is again at the parking lot in front of the museum.

Žižka´s courtyard

Žižka´s monument

Žižka´s birthplace

Natural pond

Mikš´s courtyard

From the monument, we rode down the road to the cemetery above Borovany, and then turned right into the forest on the yellow tourist sign. We crossed the meadow and continued to Borovany mill along the pond of Pražan.

Meadows at Borovany

Pražan pond

In the renovated mill, there is a guest house with a restaurant so you can sit here on the terrace while the children play on the playground. There is also a minizoo, which you can visit for 20 CZK. If you have enough time, visit also an exposition on the soil that is full of fairy-tale characters.

Borovany mill

Along the horseshoes behind the Borovany Mill we entered the forest, where the first big, but really short, climb on the forest footpath came. Behind the campsites we left to the left and through the beautiful forest with a pond and the chapel we got to the cottage settlement. After a while, we joined the main road, and after a few minutes we had already put bikes in the stands at the Dvorec Zoo.

Amazing woods in Southern Bohemia

The ZOO Dvorec says it loves animals. And it's really true. The beautiful small zoo is definitely worth a visit. At the entrance, Kakadu greeted us by saying "Hi", wild cats were walking in the paddock, the bear relaxing with the feet up, the monkeys jumping and shouting, the hippo swiming in the pool, the camels dancing with joy when they saw lunch was comming and this way I could go on for a long time. For us the most pleasant zoo we have ever been.

ZOO Dvorec

From the Dvorec Zoo, we returned to Trocnov in the same way, but at the campsite we did not go to the mill but continued through the forest straight to the meadow in front of the cottage settlement. We crossed the bridge over the Stropnice River and, with a steep climb, reached the crossroad. We turned to the left to Ostolovsky Ujezd.

Cottages at Dvorec

Road to Ostrolovsky Ujezd

At the castle we turned right and rode uphill to the chapel in the fields. From there there is a really beautiful view of the surroundings, so we sat on the bench and enjoyed our time. The field road has already led us along the Radvanec pond to Trocnov to the car.

Field road from Ostrolovsky Ujezd

Radvanec pond

It was a great day in South Bohemia. Check the video and if you ever be around, ride to the woods and meadows, you will not regret it.

Borovany biketrip

Biketrip map