Botanical Garden in Malešice

The botanical garden is predominantly known by locals, so it has the enormous advantage that you usually walk there completely alone. There is calmness and silence, ducks swim on the water, fish swim in the water, and the peacock watches over them.

Botanical Garden in Malešice

In the spring, each garden is full of colors, and this botanical is no exception. You will find many colorful flowers, shrubs and trees that smell incredibly.

Spring in the garden

I wondered about the history of the garden here in Prague 9 and found some interesting facts. In the past there was Josef Havlicek's manor house with a fruit orchard and a vegetable garden. At the site of today's villa, a nineteenth-century residential house was built, which in 1889 left another owner Rudolf Egbert rebuilt in a beautiful representative Neo-Renaissance villa, which the locals began to nickname the "chateau".


At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, very rich businessman Mr. Jirasko bought the whole area and decided to improve its residence. In 1920, he addressed the revitalization to the best architect of the country with experience from Paris and Vienna. And he created a splendid park around the villa with rare woods, of which only a fraction survived. However, the overall concept and landscape scenery of the park remained in its original form.

Nice concept of park

At the same time, original greenhouses were built on the slope and were located to use as much sunshine as possible. At present, however, they are in a state of absolute desolation and are inaccessible to the public.

Green houses

During the Second World War the chateau was occupied by the Germans and was home to the Gestapo and the Lazaret. Nobody cared about the park, so it was overgrown with ravenous trees and the rare ones disappeared. At that time, the original sculpture decoration of the castle disappeared and the occupiers had probably taken the historical documentation of the whole area when they escaped because it has been never found.

Botanical garden in Malešice

In 1946 the villa was expropriated and the Gardening School moved in. The site was not maintained again and was very desolated. After 1990, it became a school botanical garden and it is a place for professional training now. Investments were done and in 1994 the alpine part was built from the Devonian limestones brought from nearby Prague. Almost 500 tons of limestones were consumed on the alpine, and an artificial waterfall with a pond was created there. A rich collection of different species of rock plants is interesting. In 2008, the park was revitalized.



Place for students

Above the chateau, there is a beautiful wooden gazebo, from which there must be absolutely breathtaking view of Malesice. Unfortunately, it is not accessible to the public.

Wooden summer-house

In the southern part of the garden, there is a growing part of it, where plants are grown and reproduced to complement the vegetation of the own botanical garden. At the same time you will find a new greenhouse there, which was built in 2011, and a school flower shop.

New greenhouse

The garden is a member of the Union of Botanical Gardens of the Czech Republic, it covers an area of ​​11 hectares and greenhouses occupy an area of ​​2,000 square meters. The botanical garden is free of charge but is only open on weekdays. It is not big, there are no attractions for children, but if you are looking for a quiet walk or want to sit on the bench and draw positive energy, this place is certainly the ideal choice. More inforamtion on botanical garden website.

Botanical Garden in Malešice