Botanicus, its Centre of Crafts, Gardens and Shop is located in the village of Ostra near Lysa nad Labem, not far from Prague. The centre is actually a small ancient village that creates a pleasant atmosphere for individual crafts, which can be tried by both children and adults.

Center of Crafts

Local coins are used at the Center and exchanged at the box office. One local penny costs ten crowns and you pay with them for each craft, refreshments or souvenirs.

Local currency

Which crafts can you try here? There are many, during our visit the wood carving, the mint, the production of gingerbread and candles, the rope-works, the basketry workshop, the archery, the puppet´s workshop, the weaver´s house were open. Ella tried most of it, but she was most interested in making soap and paper and gold panning.

Soap manufacture

Paper manufacture


Every Saturday there is also an accompanying program in the form of theaters, jugglers, falconers. We watched the show of juggler Vojta, who eamused Ella a lot.

Juggler Vojta

The Craft Centre follows thirty hectares of Botanicus gardens which are the ideal place for a rest and relaxation. You can find there, for example, the White garden full of white benches, then the Oriental, Vegetable, Relaxing ... orchards and herb fields. You cas also visit a photo exhibition by Iveta Kopicova of Barma and sculptures by Jakub Flejsar.

White garden

Monastery garden


All information about opening hours and entrance fees available on Botanicus website.

Botanicus in Ostrá