Uphill ride from Mořina village

We left the car in the village of Mořina, on a hill that every cyclist from Prague knows. Yellow tourist sign led us over the village into the fields. We appreciated the uphill ride right at the beginning of the biketrip because it was a great warm up. It didn´t take long and we stood above the limestone quarry of Velká Amerika (Great America), whose frozen surface was shining brightly in the sun. We followed yellow tourist sign and reached the other the side where the view to the limestone quarry was amazing. Mainly in summer it is a great attraction for tourists, but also filmmakers. However, the entry is forbidden for safety reasons. The quarry also remembers the dark period of 50. years of the last century when political prisoners were deployed here in hard conditions. The limestone here was mined by the so-called in the American way - from where it comes from also the name America.

Velká Amerika

We continued around the quarry of Mexico to the Malá Amerika (Small America) quarry and still followed the yellow tourist sign. The trail had some technically more demanding passages for me. After leaving the forest a shorter climb in the field was waiting for us, but the reward was worth it! Really beautiful view of the Bohemian Karst. Next stop was a village Svatý Jan pod Skalou. We decided to continue thru the forest and connect to the red tourist sign. But this trail is not good for a bike, I recommend to take a route thru the village of Bubovice.

Malá Amerika

Czech Karst landscape

Forest trail from Malá Amerika do Svatý Jan

The forest trails were frozen. There was dust of snow and ice in some parts. We had to ride carefully. Even the Bubovice waterfalls were frozent, so we rode over without problem and continued with a very demanding uphill ride. I was happy to have my Ghost ebike, otherwise I didn´t make it.  

Frozen trail 

Bublovice Waterfalls

From the crossroad Propadlé vody there was a quite hard downhill ride in the forrest. Michal enjoyed it, but I rather walked down. After leaving the forest, the walls of the Benedictine Monastery in Svatý Jan pod Skalou welcomed us. The village is considered a pearl of the Czech Karst. A small settlement lies on the bank of the river Loděnice and is hidden in the middle of deciduous trees forests under white rocks. It is the oldest pilgrimage site in the country.

According to the legend, a Christian hermit Ivan and his hind lived in a cave here. God sent him the hind to give him milk. But Prince Bořivoj hurt her during hunting and her bloody footprint brought him to the hermit. As an apology he offered him housing at Tetín Castle, but hermit refused. Bořivoj fulfilled him at least his last wish. He built a church to commemorate the saint John the Baptist who revealed several times in the cave and protected him from the devil. From here comes the name of the pilgrim place where many tourists are heading every year also due to the breathtaking view of the high rocks above the village.

Propadlé vody crossroad

You can´t get to the lookout on bike. I recommend leaving the bike locked down in the village and walk up. Hike is quite demanding but it really worth the effort. 

Svatý Jan pod Skalou Chapel

Svatý Jan pod Skalou Lookout

We continued from Svatý Jan pod Skalou on the road along the brook of Loděnice to a village of Hostim. Here we wanted to follow a cycle path through the valley the village of Srbsko. Unfortunately, it is closed now because of stones falling from the rock walls. We did not want to risk, so we first climbed a few kilometres of serpentines up on a road and than ride down to Srbsko. Along Berounka river we reached Karlštejn.

Road to Srbsko

Berounka River

There is no need to introduce the medieval castle that has among Czech monuments an exceptional position. Every year, crowds of tourists arrive here. We have, however, experienced this place almost without people, although the castle was during the weekend open. We already rode on bike over 20 kilometers in really freezing weather and we got tired. So we continued from Karlštejn back to the village of Mořina to our car.


What to say at the end? It is very rare to be on a bike without Ella. And it was great! We enjoyed the freedom, the fact we did not have to deal with anything, take care of anyone and answer to a million questions. We didn´t care about the terrain and the length of the biketrip, we just rode our bikes and enjoyed ourselves. It was a great day, even it was so cold, because we were sourrounded by the breathtaking landscape of the Czech Karst whole day. 

Biketrip map