We always have to create new decorations for Easter. I thought there won´t be enough time this year, but Ella became sick and had to stay home for a week. So the problem with the time was solved. This year we made the Easter decorations from paper and molding clay.

I don´t bake anything. But our grandmum does. This Easter cake was delicious.

We bake gingerbread twice a year. For Christmas and for Easter. For Easter we mainly do shapes of eggs, chickens and flowers. This year we have decided to do an Easter house and we had so much fun.

There would be no Easter without decorating eggs. As the beauty is in simplicity, we kept the eggs without any decoration and stickers. However, the more we enjoyed decorating hollow eggs.

Eggs, gingerbread and other homemade decorations are given to carollers, it means to father, grandfathers and uncle. Here in Prague this tradition doesn´t exist anymore, but we can see it at a small town where my parents live. I remember me as a kid caroling from door to door and it was fun. Ella knows how to carol and does it at home. In addition to caroling, she is also looking for eggs and chocolate that a bunny hid in the garden or around the house. And it's kind of great joy.

The greatest pleasure is to give than to get. So we have not forgotten grandmums and aunt. A little spring in a form of flowers made joy for us and for them as well. Although it was rainy Easter Monday this year, we all really enjoyed it.