The organizers are inviting for American species, including some of the new species that were not in Fata Morgana's tropical greenhouse in the past, such as Greta's kind with unusual translucent wings. We are not familiar with the species of butterflies, they fascinate us with their beauty and grace. Among the plants, the butterflies had a few "dining" stands on which we could watch them. We could also watch them sitting on leaves and flowers, and that's simply beautiful.

But rather than above the flowers, you will find butterflies at the windows. They warm up at the heating. Unfortunately, a large number of them were dead, and a large number of them were on the ground. Sometimes it happened that someone stepped on them. Because there are no warnings anywhere, no control, and people don´t look under their feet when looking for a butterfly. This view, which appears in the back of the greenhouse, hurts.

The accompanying panels will familiarize you with the individual species exhibited, their lifecycle and strategies, as well as the legends and myths weighing on these insects. At the top of the greenhouse, you can see how the butterfly is hatching out.

If one loves tropical plants and enjoys a humid climate, Fata Morgana greenhouse is the right place to visit. The beautiful green and flowering plants please the soul.

Actually, I do not even want to compare the Spanish Butterfly Park Benalmadena with the current butterfly exhibition at Fata Morgana greenhouse because I would compare the incomparable. Still, Fata Morgana is primarily a botanical garden and not a butterfly park. Just from my point of view, there is a question whether the butterfly exhibition is appropriate here.

Due to the size of Fata Morgana, I recommend to visit it on a weekday afternoon, because in the morning there are school groups in which most children can not behave and thus disturb other visitors. They are constantly running around the greenhouse and making the noise which also disturbs the butterflies. At the weekends, prepare for the queues up to the greenhouse. We gave up our first weekend visit and returned on a weekday. For more information about entrance fees and opening hours, please visit the Botanical Garden Prague website.

Botanical Garden in Prague