Children's amusement park Razulák offers a lot of fun for children. You will find it on the banks of the Bečva River at the foot of the Razula ski slope, opposite the Lanterna Hotel and, as I mentioned above, right by the cycle path. The park is dedicated to the Karlovian little monsters, with the elf Razulák as a symbol. Wooden sculptures and pictures of monsters can be found all over the area and at the attractions. But do not be afraid. They are nice and friendly.

There are many attractions in the park, including tubing, ball track, rope park, big sand pit, bouncy castle, aquazorbing, pedaling cars, water pool with boats, water pump with wet sand, swings, slides, or trampolines.

Behind the rope park there are two teepees where other games for children are. Children can also try the work of an archaeologist and discover the skeleton in the sand. But the biggest attraction is the guinea pigs living in a wooden house and free-running rabbits.

We came two hours before closing, there were only a few visitors there, so it was ok for me. Ella was excited. From the moment she got the blue tape on her wrist, I did not hear about her. There is a bar with an outdoor terrace in the complex, so I bought a cold drink, sat in the deck chair and watched her enjoying the park.

The park is open from June to October, on holidays daily, or on weekends. If parents do not use the attractions, then they have free admission. The parking is just across the road. More information can be found here.

Fun park Razulák location