We decided to go up by cable car and then make a hike down. Due to the wonderful weather, crowds could be expected, but it was not that bad. In the morning the valley bathed a little in the mist, but the view was beautiful.

Ella is not a big fan of hiking, well I was not different at her age. I wanted to upgrade the hike somehow and I found a link on the website where you can download a game already prepared for children in several places around the country. Ještěd was also on offer, so I thought we would try and help elf Viktor and his friend Vojta to find the scooters that they lost somewhere near the lower station of the cable car, but they forgot where.

The day before, I downloaded a map and a description of the trail that runs from the top of Ještěd along the cycle path and then along the blue tourist sign down to the level of the lower station of the cable car. It measures less than 4 km and the children can do it well. Tasks are ten in total and are hidden in plastic boxes. The truth is that finding some of them was not easy and we had to look closely at the map. At the end we found all of them. The difficulty of the tasks is broken down by age, can be played by both preschool and school children.

On our way, beautiful views of Ještěd and Liberec were waiting for us, as we passed the interesting natural formations on the mountainside. Walking through the dense forest was a balm on the soul.

Thanks to the game tasks the hike was fast. Ella was excited, she was entertained a lot. Especially to look for boxes and then to hide them carefully. It is a beautiful idea and my purchase supports the Association of Voluntary Firemen Horní Hanychov. Similar games are also available in the Kokořínsko, Českolipsko, Český Ráj and Karlštejn region. When I plan a hike for Ella next time, I'll be inspired by these places. If you are interested, check out ZaPokladem.cz.

Route map