To get to the guesthouse, we had to turn off the highway into the fields. The dirt road led us to the building. We left the car by a tall tree with a cross and a wooden bench next to it and got-off the car. It pulled us in as a magnet, and right after we went through the gate, we understood. We found ourselves in a place I know only from fairy tales, and I never thought, I'd get to that fairy tale.

The yard is paved with lots of granite stones lying there for centuries, the original stone part of the building completes the sensitively renovated part with accommodation, backgrounds and parapets. Nobody, only the birds welcomed us with their singing. At the first door was the bell, so we rang. Mrs. Dora came to open, the owner, but mainly the soul of the entire Krakovice.

There are three rooms there, and as I have learned from Dora, the number will not increase, although it would be possible. She wants to preserve a characteristic genius loci instead of wanting to change the building and destroy it. Instead of making more rooms in a barn, she plans to make this space for meetings, exhibitions and other cultural events.

The well-known truth is that the details are important and there are countless detail pieces. Most repairs are self-help, so it's a long run. But they do it sensitively not to lose energy and beauty of the place. Between the stone walls, the barns, the cross under the lime trees and the creek, they keep the chopped lawn and gradually place the benches. In time, sculptures and artwork will be added.

Behind the courtyard, there is a small fireplace and a large wooden table with loungers. Staying in the evening at the fire and have a barbeque is not a problem, Dora will willingly give you a basket of wood for making the fire. A brook flowing from the forest flows around. If you come with your children, there is a sand pit. However, the biggest and most beautiful game is the farm itself, and especially its backside by the creek. I am grateful that there are no common broken toys, those crazy slides and plastic houses that are on every playground. Ella and Dora´s daughters sent down wooden sticks down the stream, built the houses for the elves, played the peak a boo , and in the evening we called her into the room dirty, stunned and happy.

Breakfast is prepared every morning in the main room and is really rich. Start a new day with a good breakfast in a pleasant environment and with the people you love, is the best thing. And here it is.

Guesthouse Krakovice is simply a place to calm down, relax, a bad signal will force you to read a book, chat or just listen to birds, forest and eventually screeming children from the creek. There is still a lot of work on the building, and there are many imperfections that paradoxically make the place absolutely perfect. If the greatest treasure for you is to find peace, you find it here in Krakovice.

Krakovice location