The exhibition is so extensive that five trucks had to move it to Rudolfinum. Chandeliers, rooms full of cables and connectors, an improvised artist's studio, paintings, or nervously grumbling branches with globes hanging around the incredibly high cement towers, the street jukebox installed to the top of the staircase from the fragile polystyrene, or pyramid of washing machines.

Postnaturalia. This initial installation stretches over one-and-a-half hall, reminiscent of a swamp of connectors and transistors, blooms of copper coils from televisions, reeds made of aluminum tubes, flowers from broken bulbs or clusters of carnivorous flowers from headphones.

Demon of Growth II. Just wau. It defeats a solid shape, it grows in all directions and we do not know where the center is and every molecule mirrors the world.

Improvised atelier of the author. To write what you find there, is nonsense. That must be seen.

So funny.

Nervous Trees. In the biggest hall of the gallery, we were terrified at a pillar made of sacks of Knauf mortar called Do It Yourself, the Electrons Seeking Spirit, a mouflon reminded me of myself during the first week of school, and Ella was frightened of the moving Nervous Trees.

We All Want to Be Cleaned. A pyramid mady of washing machines, which symbolizes several themes. Intimate versus public, loss of control of the machine, impotence delegated to objects...

When you go to the exhibition on Sundays with children, there is an accompanying workshop in Artpark, where different types of materials are available, from which they make fantasy works. Kintera, amused us both. Find your time and go. The entrance is free and the exhibition lasts until November 26th. More information here.

Rudolfinum gallery location