Main entry to the area

Arriving at the stud farm is impressive. You are passing through the white fences where the Lipizzaners are grazing. The complex area is open to the public all year round and is very large. Before entering the stud farm, you walk through a park, where there is a café, a children's playground, and ponies on which kids can take a ride. In addition to the stables, you can visit the exercise arena, the riding school arena, the farm buildings, you can take a ride in a carriage, visit the museum, the church of St. Anthony, see dressage, or Spanish riding school, for which we came here.

Studfarm grounds

Lipica studfarm

Lipizzaners preparing for the show

The stud farm was founded in 1580 by Archduke Charles. The breed was based on the Spanish thoroughbreds of Andalusia, but the archduke bought horses also in Italy, Germany, Denmark and the Arab world. Their breeding created the famous breed Lipizzaners, which was named after the place of breeding. The horses were housed here for the Spanish Riding School in Vienna and for the horsemanship of the Habsburg Court. During its more than 400 years of tradition, the stud farm has experienced a number of unpleasant situations. In the Second World War herds were taken by the Germans as well to Hostouň in South Bohemia. In an action to rescue them in 1945, they came to America. After the war, the Americans handed them over to the Italians and Austria. Only 11 horses returned to Lipica after the War. Today there are around 400 horses in Lipica.

Lipica studfarm



This breed is a small, robust figure with a strong neck. They are special in their color, which is dark between 7 and 10 years, then white. At the same time, they became famous for their abilities. They can walk sideways, perpendicularly and obliquely to the axis of their body and handle high jump on the spot and with the rider. They live in high age, sometimes 30 or more years. The performance of a classic riding school was great. Ella was excited.

Classical riding school performance

A visit to the stud farm in Lipca is not the cheapest thing. In fact, it was the highest admission we paid during the trip around Slovenia. But although horses are not the favourite animals for us, we do not regret. Seeing this world-famous breed and performance of the riding school with our own eyes, was worth it.

Lipica location