View to Triple Bridge and church at Prešern square

The three-thousandth Ljubljana looks like a smaller provincial city against the metropolis of Western Europe. However, our doubts whether it is worth a stop, dissapeared in its lively center, which thanks to Jože Plečnik has a magical atmosphere and specific beauty.

Triple Bridge

We parked the car near the center and walked to the main square Prešernov trg, which lies on the shore of the Lujbljanice river and carries the name of the poet and author of the Slovenian anthem, France Prešern, who also has a monument there. The square is dominated by Italian-style decorated façade of the Franciscan Church, and is linked to it by the famous Triple Bridge by Jože Plečnik.

Ljubljana is said to be "Plečnik city". The city has suffered several earthquakes in the past and the last one destroyed almost everything at the end of the 19th century. J. Plečnik therefore had the opportunity to design a new Ljubljana in his style. Often the city is called small Prague. In Prague, Plečnik renovated the Prague Castle in the First Republic, in Ljubljana he is the author of many buildings. In the center we visited, he designed, for example, the coastal promenade along the river, the port of Trnovo and the already mentioned Triple Bridge. It is a unique Ljubljana construction, built on the foundations of the old stone bridge of Špitál. Plečnik added two more smaller bridges that open today to the old town. Near the Triple Bridge you will find a colonnade that make you feel like in the spa. Jože Plečnik is the author of the colonnade and there are souvenir stalls inside.

On the middle of Triiple Bridge

There are much more bridges across the river and the railings have tempered glass, which looks very clean and elegant. Thanks to the Ljubljana University, the city is full of young people. At the University and three academies of art, nearly 40,000 students study, and together with street artists, they give the city a youthful and lively atmosphere. Along the river as well as the side streets, there are many cafes, bars and restaurants, from which it is amazing to watch the city by good drinks, or meals.


I believe seeing Ljubljana from the river level has to be interesting. But we did not have time for a paddleboard, even for a cruise on the boat.

Boat cruise

Two hours was over so quicky and we had to say goodbye to Ljubljana. But I believe we will come back to see the city from the castle viewpoint, to visit the Tivoli Park and to buy some stuff at the most beautiful market at the Vodnikov Square. Ljubljana means "nice" and it really is.

Ljubljana location