Logar Valley

The Solčava panoramatic road leads through beautiful nature with breathtaking views of the Alps, the valley, pastures and has about twenty stops. Your guide is the little shepherd Krištof who goes from the village of Solčava in the footsteps of his teachers and is looking for lost sheep. The panoramatic road is divided into three parts of the three valleys in the region. We chose the part that leads along the Logar Valley.

We were staying in the very center of the Logar Valley and started the biketrip from here. We were expecting a long uphill ride, so I connected the Chariot carrier with my daughter to my e-bike Ghost Teru 9. Still, Michal had a slightly tired legs after the World Cup race. We rode the narrow mountain road from our farm along the pastures to the toll and behind it, we turned left to the main road. For the entrance to the Logar Valley, motorists need to pay the fee, only pedestrians and cyclists can get there free of charge.

Toll point at Logar Valley

After a few meters of climb we found ourselves under the Lamotje gorge. Big green dragon Lintver looked down at us. A legend tells a story about the neighboring Matkov kot valley. The dragon broke the barrier with his mighty tail and thus launched the lake and caused a huge flood in the valley. The water then brought the cradle with the crying child to the valley. To remember this event, local people built the Church of Our Lady of Snow in Solčava. The gorge is currently inaccessible for the bad state.

Dragon Lintver above

Před námi bylo nejnáročnější stoupání z celého dne. Pět kilometrů a téměř 580 výškových metrů. Trasa vedla po hlavní silnici, The most challenging climb of the day was ahead. Five kilometers and nearly 580 meters of elevation. The route went along the main road, one turn was followed by another one and I was happy that the trees gave us a shadow on a hot summer day. The battery was discharging very fast due to the 30 kilograms load behind my e-bike. I was mostly riding Sport mode, but there were parts that I could not manage it without Turbo mode. The dash on the flashlight shifted rapidly, and the mileage left was going down on the display at a dizzying pace. Even if I wanted to save the battery by riding Tour mode, the hill was too challenging for me. I was relieved by the fact that the route would mostly go down the hill soon, the battery would rest, and mileage left will increase again.

The first stop after the uphill ride was the Žibovt farm. This homestead lies in the middle of the mountains and is surrounded by meadows and forests. Home cooking is based primarily on seasonal ingredients found in the garden, meadows and forests while respecting the tradition. For a moment we got off the bikes, walked down the wooden walkway along the woods to the benches and enjoyed the first view of the Alps.

Symbol of dragon at every stop

Kamnik-Savinja Alps

Žibovt farm

From the Žibovt Farm a few meters of climb came, but it was nothing dramatic. The trail was flat and suddenly the battery seemed to start to regenerate, and the mileage began to rise. I enjoyed the ride and the view of the surroundings. We passed another Pastirkovo farm and stopped at the viewpoint near the Klemenšek farm, which is located directly above Logar Valley.

Klemenšek farm

This view took our breath. We left the bikes by the road, relaxed in wooden chairs and enjoyed the beauty around us. It really worthes the uphill ride.

Viewpoint above the Logar Valley

After the viewpoint, we began to slowly descend along the spring of mineral water at the foot of Mount Mt. Olševa to the Church of the Holy Spirit. If you have time to stop and you want to taste the spring, you have to leave the bikes by the road and walk a couple of meters. Water is drinkable and is said to have healing effects due to its high iron and carbon dioxide content.

Views to the Alps were at every step

Soon we reached the romantic church of the Holy Spirit, from which there was another beautiful view of the mountain peaks. We were at an altitude of 1235 meters above sea level. Right across the street is the Strevc farm, where we ordered an apple pie and cold drinks. We were alone in the garden, enjoying not only refreshment but also the incredible silence around.

Church of the Holy Spirit

It was hot and I was looking forward to downhill ride to Podolševa village. We rode along to the Rogar farm, which is built at the highest point in Slovenia where accommodation can be found. Its location in the middle of forests and pastures offers stunning views of the Kamnick-Savinja Alps, especially Mt. Raduha and Mt. Olševa. The area is truly amazing because it is located in the Natura 2000 protected area, which is characterized by the presence of wild animals and indigenous plants. That are nowadays considered rare or even
threatened. Big wooden statues of a bear and a man behind the farm invite to the bear trail leading to the archaeological site of Potočka Zijavka Cave.

Rogar farm

The asphalt road after a while replaced the dusty road, so I drove more cautiously with the Chariot carrier. We did really well that we rode uphill on the other side, the asphalt road was much better. It would have been much more difficult to ride uphill this way. As we approached the village of Solčava, the dusty road changed again into asphalt and the ride was great.

Downhill ride to Solčava

Solčava is a small Alpine village in the relatively narrow valley of the Savinja River. It is protected by the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and the Karavanka Mountains. Here officially begins and ends the panoramic road. But we were only in two-thirds of our biketrip. Along the Savinja River, we continued back to the Logar Valley and decided to ride it to the very end to see the Rinka waterfall.


Logar Valley

Logar Valley

Logar Valley

Logar Valley

My battery recharged a little during the downhill ride and showed 20 kilometers left. I did not know we were expecting a 6-kilometer long climb in the Logar Valley. When I arrived at the parking lot in close to the Rinka waterfall, the battery was almost discharged. You can not ride a waterfall on a bike, you need to walk for a few minutes and it is definitely worth seeing. From here, we took the downhill ride to our farm, so I did not have to stress with an almost discharged battery.

Rinka waterfall

Restaurant at Rinka waterfall

It was a challenging biketrip due to climbing with a heavy Chariot carrier behind my e-bike, my legs hurt a little bit, but I do not regret one of the meters on that 41km long route. Because what awaited us after the uphill ride is indescribable. We will always remember the beautiful nature and the perfect views of the Alps, pastures, meadows and valleys.

Cycling route map