Horses pastures

After arrival, we checked-in for a four-bed apartment, which has a great view to pastures and surrounding forests and is simply furnished. Below the guesthouse, there are stables and next to it a restaurant with a terrace. Breakfast is prepared on request and the restaurant is open to public, not only to guests. Unfortunately, we hit the days when the restaurant was not open, so we can not comment on the quality of the dishes. We drove for dinner to Kroměříž, which is a few minutes by car.

4beds appartment


The Ranch offers many opportunities to spend time actively. But we took advantage of the fact that we were in a beautiful countryside and walked through the forests to the springs. We first reached the Hvězda spring, which is hidden in the bushes, and it's a bit challenging to find it.

Trip to water springs near Kostelany

Looking for Star water sping

Star water spring

The second stop was at the spring to which the trail was drawn from the main path, and if one is attentive, he can not miss it. The stream is called U Skaly, but Ella, instead of tasting water, started to build an island for elves in the brook. There is also another one called Na Pile, but we did not have time for it because the sunset slowly began.

U Skaly water spring

Cvrčovický stream

The best of this accommodation was the owners. Very willing and attentive, sitting with you, talking, recommending trips to the surroundings. We felt really nice in Milovice. For more information, please visit their Milovice Ranch website.

Milovice ranch location