What is hidden in the picture?

The museum is interactive, and you gradually become part of the exposition. There are 50 exhibits, from distorted rooms through interesting installations to pictures with optical illusions. Each of these exhibits offers the opportunity to ask questions and learn about senses and perceptions.

Does it hurt, or not?

An inclined floor and I lean to one side. But what if you close your eyes? Will it change?

Okay, the bridge is not moving, only the sky is spinning round. How do you react? Can you cross the bridge without a collapsing when it does not move?

Now a little optical illusion. Which line is longer on the left picture? And which box on the right picture would you stretch better through the narrow hole? Are the lines and the boxes the same size, or not?

Infinite disco room where you have the opportunity to experience the game of colors and reflections when dancing.

Room upside down. Are you ready for a different view? Big fun.

This is just a part of what you find in the museum. Important is to go through the sections slowly, to give yourself time to play with your senses. In order to understand what is going on, you need to read the labels, or to let everything be explained by the willing staff, then try for yourself. The price is quite high, the only thing I would complain about. Otherwise, we all really enjoyed it. You can find all the information on the Museum of Senses website.

Musem of Senses