Church in Pohorská Ves

We left the car in the Pohorská Ves village at a small parking area in front of the information center building. We were afraid to speak loudly as it was so silent there. Instead of the road, we drove by bikes above the village into the fields and then continued on the forest path to the official cycling trail 1193. The path is narrow, but you can ride a bike well. The cycling trail is asphalted and stretches over a relatively dense coniferous forest.

Forest trail above Pohorská Ves

Official cycling path

On the way, we passed a couple of feeders for wild animals and an information sign about the Žofín primeval forest. It is possible to reach it by bicycle, but because it is fenced and not accessible to the public, we continued on to the Huťský pond. Its beauty took our breath. As if someone had painted it. We got off the bike and we were enjoying this place. The dragonflies were flying around, and the water was so clear that we could see the underwater life without a problem.

Huťský pond

Huťský pond

Huťský pond

After a while we continued and enjoyed the forest ride. We passed the extinct villages of Stříbrné Hutě and Janovy Hutě, which are already reminded only by the information sign. When we got out of the woods, we had a splendid view of the surroundings on the meadows and the opposite hills.

Part between Stříbrné and Janovy Hutě villages

There was a high shooting stand at every meadow. At Janovi Hutě we climbed to one. The experience for Ella was great.

Janovy Hutě

And here came a really long and quite steep climb. Ella´s Chariot was connected to Michal´s bike this time and I was very sorry. I offered him several times to connect the Chariot carrier to my electric bike, but he did not want to. He is a hero. We went up to Lužnice river, where we rest for a while.

Uphill ride to Lužnice river


Behind the bridge across the Lužnice river, we turned left and drove back into the forest. On the way, we saw several trees that grew in themselves and the thrilling stream made our ride more pleasant. But the biggest experience for Ella was two relatively large anthills.

Anthill at Pohoří na Šumavě

While Ella was watching the life in the anthill, I enjoyed the view to the Church of the Holy Virgin Mary of Good Advice in Pohoří na Šumavě. This late Baroque church was built by the owner of the local estate, Count Josef Jan Buquoy, on the site of the older chapel from 1779. After the Second World War, German speaking people were displaced and the village gradually disappeared. In the 1950s, the church was used as a stable for cattle. In 1999, after the rain, the tower of the church collapsed and destroyed the temple ship during the fall. Only the side walls and the presbytery remained. Partially, the church was restored, the ship (without the front wall) remained without a roof, trusses and vaults, only a coronation of the masonry was repaired. A new wall with a window and a door, on the other hand, is a newly closed chapel, which originated from the presbytery. Jacquards and annexes have new windows; the ship has only window frames without glass. The church is open to public and it is a magical place whose atmosphere is unfortunately not transferable.

Church of St Anna

When we left Pohoří na Šumavě, there was a landscape that reminded me of Modrava. Sprawling plains, haystacks, streams all over us, and Pohořský pond. The sun was shining on it, so its shore, the surface and the bottom played with all the colors. Nature is a really powerful magician.

Pohořský pond

Pohořský pond

Pohořský pond

From Pohořský pond, we headed to the village of Leopoldov and we hoped that we would have a lunch at Baron's Bridge, the only place with refreshments. Unfortunately, they were closed. If they're open over the summer, I do not know, in any case, it's good to keep in mind that this trip leads through a virgin nature and you can not find snacks anywhere. We just passed the village of Leopold, and the final climb to Pohorská Ves to our car was ahead.

Behind Baron Bridge

Pohorská Ves

We rode 24 kilometers in a beautiful nature and saw another part of southern Bohemia. We were originally planning to go to Modrava, but I did not regret the decision to change it for Novohradské hory. It's beautiful here. I enjoy traveling abroad, but I enjoy travelling our country even more. Especially those places which crowds of tourists omit.

Biketrip map