Calm Elbe river

When your friend does the same activity, it is clear that you will meet eachother on the water rather than at cafe. I joined my friend Dana at my hometown of Brandýs nad Labem. She was going to show me how to get from Labe to Proboštská jezera near Stará Boleslav. She lives in Brandýs nad Labem, so she knows this place better than I do.

Elbe and Brandýs nad Labem in from of me

We left our cars at the parking lot by the cycle path at the end of the street V Zahradách, a few meters from the river. Access to the water is easy, despite the muddy bottom of the river. I was a little worried about a strong stream that I wont´t be able to paddle againt. But Elbe was really ideal for SUP. The river is absolutely calm and I did not even notice its stream. You can go upstream to the city and see the chateau, boat docks, or beach on the isle of Ostrůvek.

Way to Proboštská jezera

We were paddling downstream. On the left bank there is a cycle path and I was surprised that we were quite an attraction for most of cyclists, skaters and pedestrians, and some of them even greeted loudly. Dana is already used to it. There were a couple of fishermen sitting on the right shore, so we had to be careful. After a few hundred meters, we reached the Elbe arm, which flows into the lakes of Proboštská jezera. The shore is overgrown with bushes and trees bend to the river and you feel like being somewhere in a primeval forest.

Proboštská jezere in front of me

We paddled to the end of the river arm that was splitting. The right part led to the lakes. Proboštská jezera are my heart affair. I spent most of the summer time here as a kid. Especially at a time when there was a waterslide. It's not here anymore, but the sandy beaches with refreshments are still there. So if you want to have something to drink or eat, you can pull SUP to shore and use the local services.

Proboštská jezera

Proboštská jezera

It was hot, so we stopped for a while and took a dive into the water. It was refreshing. In the middle of the lakes there is an island, which we then paddled around and along the beach we headed back to the Elbe. The sand is still mined here at the lakes. We turned left this time, passed along the steel structure, and appeared at the place where the cargo ships were docked and the blind river arm began. Previously the Lake Borek belonged to Proboštská jezera, but it is not connected anymore.

Part of the river at Borek lake

Close to the Borek lake

We paddled to the end and met only a few ducks. In the same way we returned to the car. We spent over two hours on the water and had a few miles in our hands. Because there are beaches and refreshments at the Elbe and at the lakes, you can spend here even the whole afternoon. A couple of beautiful days will certainly come, so take the SUP and enjoy the ride!

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