Old bmx track

We left the car in the Bohnice housing estate near the old bmx track and started our biketrip from here. We drove through the housing estates to the old Bohnice, and continued along the church of St. Peter and Paul.

Old Prague - Bohnice

Church of St Petr and Paul

We rode down the easy hill and continued right around the Sociotherapeutic Farm Bohnice in the fields in the direction of Drahanské Valley. Easy work on the farm is a form of therapy for the treatment of various addictions. Horses are housed at the farm, and hippotherapy here has very good results. Bohnice farm was purchased by the Land Committee of the Kingdom of Bohemia already in 1903 for the purpose of building a psychiatric hospital. Today it is administered by the hospital.

Farm of PN Bohnice

The field road was quite broken, so I rode at the edge of the field. That's so liberating when I do not have the Chariot carrier behind me!

When you leave the town behind...

Beyond the horizont, we rode in the forest and than along the narrow path down to the valley. A pretty demanding hill for me, and pretty easy for Michal.

To Drahanské valley

The trail was drawn in the valley along the foothill and copied the stream of Drahansky potok. In a few places, it was so narrow that I would not make it with Chariot carrier. But without it, it was ok. In two places we had to cross the shallow stream. Drahanské Valley is magical.

Drahanské valley

It did not take long and the Vltava river welcomed us. Pity that so soon. The cycle path around the river is luxurious, but it's concrete, and after a while I am getting bored. Looking at the watch, it was clear that it is time to ride back.

Cycyling path on banks of Vltava river

At the Zámky crossroads we decided to ride uphill back to Bohnice along the blue footpath and up the hill to turn left to the viewpoint. The ride was quite demanding, but I did not have a problem thanks to my ebike. The view was definitely worth it. Really amazing. I had to ask myself, if I was still in Prague?

Viewpoint over Drahanské valley

Along local gardens we returned to Bohnice and the same way along the church of St. Petr and Pavel, and then the housing estates, returned to the old bmx track and enjoyed a view of the Vltava meander from the Bohnice viewpoint.


Bohnice viewpoint to the Vltava river

Although it may seem unbelievable, Bohnice is not just large housing estates and a psychiatric hospital, it is also a place with a beautiful nature behind it. And the view to Prague city? I am jealous.

Cycling route in Prague - Bohnice