Farm U Pipků

The farm U Pipků is located in the small village Nová Ves near Leštiny near Golčův Jeníkov. The ride from Prague took us just over an hour and we combined it with a visit to our favorite deer-park of Žleby. We left the car in a relatively large parking lot behind the farm and walked through a straw way to the courtyard where we paid a symbolic admission fee. There is some small refreshment in the courtyard as well as in one of the barns. In the other barn you can buy a pumpkin. The offer includes both Halloween pumpkins and small and large for decoration and cooking. Ella would buy all of them.

Pumkin market

Above the pumpkin market there is a stylish space where you can cut out the purchased pumpkin. Knives are available at the cash desk.

Have a seat...

On the way to the garden we passed the straw pool, where Ella had to jump. She was so happy about throwing the straw all around us, so we walked in the garden with straw on clothes and in the hair. When she found pyramids and pillars of all kinds of pumpkins behind her, she let the straw and run to them. So many species and colors she never saw before.

Pumpkin pyramids everywhere

Walking on them, running in the maze of pumpkins and sort them was a great experience for her.

Ella was excited

They really made a great job with the pumpkins. The colorful pyramids glowed in the sunshine, it was really nice.

Autumn colors

For children, there are also swings and climbers made of rope and wood, then a pyramid of heystacks. Ella was most excited about grouping heystacks where she could jump from one to the other.


In one part of the garden, there are pumpkins from which children can form shapes or figures according to their own imagination.

Lets create something

We spent a little over two hours here. Ella tried out all the attractions, touched and weighed various kinds of pumpkins, we bought some pieces for decoration and Halloween, just one thing we missed. Scary granaries under the roof. There she was afraid. Go here from Prague is not worth it, especially when there is also an exhibition of pumpkins in Troja, but when you combine it with a visit of the chateau Žleby on a weekend, or even with a visit of Kutná Hora during the week, it makes sense. More information here.

Farm U Pipků