The Loser(s)

This is amazing! I expected it to be great, but that much? Acrobatic duo DaeMen cooperates with the other dancers and acrobats, choreographer Jarek Cemerka and they together created a really great performance based on poem of Anne-Marie Mlezivova Osudovy stin. I admire all acrobats and dancers, but also Ondrej Havlik - En.dru, acting as a stewardess, broadcaster and his music makes the performance complete. The story is full of tension, humor and romance. I definitely have to see it again!

4 sestry

I wanted to see 4 sisters in the summer, but I managed to see this play in October. Feedbacks were mainly positive, and the author's name Patrick Hartl suggested that it might be a good show. This punk crazy comedy is about four sisters having same father but different mothers. Thus the character, talent, desire and problems differs. Although they are bothering each other, they understand that it is nice to be a part of this crazy family. Ivana Chylkova, Anna Siskova, Jana Strykova and Berenika Kohoutova are absolutely excellent and they are the main reason, why it is worth to see it.


I love Placebo from my heart. When I first heard their Twenty Years in my teen age, I totally fell in love with Brian Molko. It was exactly the kind of melancholic and depressive music that resonated with my teenage mood. I have all their albums, and when I need to restart my mind, I listen to Placebo. When listening to their dark album MEDS, it paradoxically starts my good mood. I did not miss any of their concerts in the Czech Republic, the last one was in November 8 in Prague. And it was not only an amazing two hours´ celebration of their 20 years anniversary, but also two hours of memories of my ups and downs. Every You Every Me began the show, so there you go.


British playwright Peter Morgan based his game on a meeting of British Prime Ministers with Queen Elizabeth II., which is held every Tuesday evening at Buckingham Palace. The Queen meets Prime Ministers independently of the timeline. For the Estates Theatre this play was directed by Alice Nellis and the role of the Queen is played by Iva Janžurová. She is performing really great. Although I don´t know much about British political affairs, it did not mind. Iva Janžurová presents the Queen as a strong women on public with personal crises inside. The play is sold out, I bought tickets for January in late August. But it is worth the wait, I am really excited.