Opatovický pond

We took the most popular cycling path around Třeboň only for a while. We started our trip at the beautiful Kotěra Water Tower in the eastern part of the town, where we parked our car without any problems. The town center is less than a kilometer downhill. We passed the burgher houses with arcades, Renaissance and Baroque shields at Masaryk Square and took the Novohradská Gate to the pond Svět.

Kotěra Water Tower




If there's a lot of people in Třeboň's downtown, there's more at the Svět pond. They crunch on the dam, enjoy sightseeing cruise or relax on beaches that are here. We rode on the left side of the shed and along the official cycle path 122 continued across the main road to the Opatovický pond, one of the oldest ponds in the area.

Svět pond

Svět pond

Svět pond

The forest panel road led us into an extensive forest with many sewers and channels that feed the Třeboň ponds. The most famous of them is Zlatá stoka, a 45 km long canal built according to the plan of Štěpánek Netolický. Throughout the year, it supplies water for sheds, adds water to ponds, and takes off during the harvest season. It is also indispensable in winter, when the oxygenated water allows the fish to survive under ice.

Zlatá stoka

Neverending trail near Třeboň

Neverending trail near Třeboň

At the end of the panelway there is the Barbora arboretum, where we left the cycle path on the left and rode down the forest road to Majdalena. The yellow tourist sign led us to the bridge across the Lužnice. Not far from the bridge, there is one of the most dangerous weirs Pilař. Fortunately, the ride on the main road did not last long, and we soon turned left to cycle path 1010 and the green tourist sign. A narrow road leads to the village of Lutová, but after two kilometers, we turned left to the asphalt road where motor vehicles are not allowed.


Niice trail to Vizír pond

We almost missed the pond Vizír with carnivorous plants, because its water surface was replaced by high grass. Perhaps somewhere in the distance, the water level can be seen, but it can not be seen from the path. Behind the pond the largest system of ponds in Třeboň called Chlumec Pond System begins. We rode along the dikes surrounded by water from all sides and were amazed by the beauty. Luckily, many cyclists usually don´t ride here so you can soak up the atmosphere there.

Vizír pond

Invisible water surface of the Vizír pond

Žofinka pond

Ponds of Výtopa a Starý Hospodář

At the crossroad at Starý Hospodář pond, we turned left and, following the red tourist sign to the next waterworks, Nová řeka. This significant 16th-century water canal connects Lužnice river with Nežárka river and is surrounded by huge oaks. Along breathtaking trees alley we continued to the bridge near Stříbro.

Nová řeka

We decided not to continue along the red sign in forest, but turn left again and follow the road to Stará Hlína. The road with old trees along leads between Vysehrad and Stolec ponds and the scenery is really indescribable. At Stará Hlína, we crossed a nice stone bridge with twelve arches from the 18th century over the Lužnice river, and rode back into the vast forest. The beautiful forest road has brought us comfortably back to Třeboň.

Ponds of Vyšehrad a Stolec

Road to Stará Hlína village

Old bridge at Stará Hlína

Forest trail back to Třeboň

I'm not saying we did not meet any cyclists during the day but really only a few. If you come here, you will not be disappointed. A picturesque flat landscape, quality roads in forests and romantic ponds are waiting for you.

Cycling route at Třeboň