The peak of the Great Plateau is in the 1.666 meters above the sea level and you can go for a hike which takes about 3 hours. We decided to buy the tickets on the gondola and then on the chairlift that took us just below the summit. The ride itself is an experience. From the gondola there is a beautiful view of the valley and forested Alps, from the chairlifts to the first wooden houses.

We got off at Zeleni Rob, translated as "Green Edge," where there is a restaurant with local specialties. We climbed the hill above the chairlift and enjoyed a view that took our breath. The mountain plateau is covered with bright green grass, grazing herds of cows and characteristic huts have returned us over time. Moreover, there is a magnificent view of the nearby higher peaks of the Alps. Great Planina is really big.

We walked down into the settlement to see everything from near. During the Second World War, the Germans burned the settlement that had been here since the Middle Ages. Today's wooden houses are relatively new and a bit different than the original ones. They had an oval ground plan, a shingle roof down to the ground, and no windows and no chimney. There is only one original house with the museum in it.

The Chapel of Our Lady of Snow is on one of the hills. Unfortunately, it had encountered the same fate during the war as all other houses. It was built in 1939 according to the design of Jože Plečnik, its newer version comes from 1988.

Previously, shepherds kept cows over the summer. At the beginning of the 20th century there were over one hundred shepherd's houses. This tradition is preserved to this day. The shepherds continue to graze their herds in fixed terms in April and August, and sheeps are cut in November. Annually.

When you are in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, take your time and visit the Great Plateau. You will not regret.

Velika Planina location