Beginninng of Kulíšek trail

When you go to Velké Karlovice with your kid, you can not miss the local Kulíšek trail. It starts at Hotel Pod Javorem near the Horal slope, just 30 meters from the Bečva cycle path and measures 2.5 km. The trail is guided by Kulíšek, a rare species of owl nesting in Velké Karlovice. We learned that it is the smallest owl living in the Czech Republic, big as a starling. All information is also in English. The trail is also suitable for a stroller, but get ready for a few difficult climbs and descents. If I did not have my Ghost Teru 9 electric bike, I wouldn´t be able to ride along the whole trail.

Kulíšek traip

Kulíšek tries to get as much information as possible on the way through nature and meets the various local animals at 10 stops, asking them how they live, where they live and other questions. At one of the stops, Ella learned that the squirrel likes to eat cones, and how the cone looks like when it eats it all. I can not describe how happy she was when she found that cone in the forest.

Stunted cone from a squirrel

As well as information panels, interactive parts are also part of the stops. Children get different puzzles and tasks, and results can be found hidden under the "lid" or on the other side of the board. There are also playing elements in several places. Children may have to climb up the bird booth and find out what a view is from it. Elsewhere they test their balance on the beam or they can swing on the swing.

Balace testing

Where does owl and stork live?

Animal tracks

The trail ends at the pastures near the Hotel Horal. In the pastures, sheeps are mostly grazed and there is also a feeding slot. Unfortunately, we were not lucky for the sheeps, but Ella liked the trail so much anyway. The stops are made very nicely and interesting for children. I was amazed by the forests and pastures where the trail led.

View to a golf course

Pastures before last stop

Pastures close to Horal hotel

It was noon, so we rode back to the village and got lunch. We decided to climb to the Miloňova lookout tower. We passed the hotel Galik and along the creek Velká Hanzlůvka we reached the crossroads at a parking lot. We continued along the green tourist circuit and bike path No. 472 up into the beautiful forests and soon we found ourselves at the slopes above the hotel Galik, with a great view of the valley.

Velká Hanzlůvka

Cycyling path 472

Ski slope at Galik hotel

As I missed the green hiking trail, we continued along the cycle path to the signpost that pointed to the lookout tower along the red tourist sign. The trail was quite steep. My battery was almost full, so I risked it because I did not want to return back. Ella was sleeping, so she did not noticed the ride over roots and stones. It was little bit challenging. Again, if I didn´t have an electric bike, I wouldn´t make it uphill with the Chariot carrier.

Cycyling path 472

Crossroad under Miloňová tower

Since Ella had been asleep for about an hour, I had time to relax and look around the Miloňová lookout tower. It is situated at the top of Miloňová hill at an altitude of 846 m. It is 24 meters high, it has a six-layered ground plan and a pyramid shape, the roof is covered with splinted shingles and construction is made from spruce wood. And it's really nice. As well as the view to all sides.

Miloňová viewpoint

Wallachian region

Our bike bellow

We could ride back to the cycle path and continue comfortably back to Velké Karlovice. But we decided to ride down along the forest road deeper into the forest. The trail is not officially signed, there are only wooden signs. At the next crossroads we turned left down the hill, and because some of the parts were muddy, Ella decided to walk on foot.

Forest trail to Miloňov

The forest path led us back to the cycle path, along which we easily continued on serpentines to the main road to Miloňov and then to Velké Karlovice. And as a reward after the whole day on bike, we finished our trip at the local swimming pool.

Cycling path 472

When you park your car at the parking lot at the Velké Karlovice swimming pool, you can take a bike ride to the beginning of the Kulíšek trail along the Becva Cycle Route, which runs alongside the main road. The entire circuit will then measure 25 km. Me and Ella were starting at Karolinka village, so our biketrip was ten kilometers longer. You can choose to start anywhere in Velké Karlovice, or you can do only a hike to the lookout tower, or the Kulíšek trail. The route is hilly, as it is obvious in the Beskydy Mountains, but it is nothing dramatic, especially with an electric bike. When you ride in so amazing nature, you don´t mind the hills at all.

Biketrip map