A landscaped park, with a concept of a free landscape, was built by the third owner of the chateau, Jan Rudolf Chotek. The first modifications were completed in 1790 and the park is one of the five oldest in the Czech Republic. Its almost 300 hectares area is the largest in Bohemia. The park has turned into an ornamental one over time. It combines economic with aesthetic elements. Next to each other, there are romantic pavilions and utility fields or pastures. Since 1802, the fallow-deer has also been spotted in the area.

The Veltrusy park was supposed to serve as a place for rest and entertainment for the manor. Several romantic and antiquizzing buildings have been preserved in the area, where members of the Chotek family met together to read, play social games or just for lunch or snack. The Veltrusy dominion has always suffered from frequent floods, the last floods hit the site in 2002 and have been undergoing revitalization since then.

We left the car in the parking lot 1 and entered the chateau area at a open-air cinema, which is quite desolated. But the screening wall is fixed, so I would not be surprised, if it was projected over the summer.

Open-air cinema

Our further journey led to a nearby Temple of home-defenders and friends of gardens and countryside.

Temple of home-defenders and friends of gardens and countryside

Below the temple flows the Mlýnský potok stream, across which leads one of many bridges. The sun was shining, and we were stuck on a wooden pier watching the bees pollinating the dandelions. Since the last flood, all bridges across the Mlýnský potok have been repaired and painted.

Mlýnský stream

Another stop was at the ruins of the Egyptian pavilion and the statue of the Sphinx. So we returned a few meters, passed across the blue bridge at Mlýnský potok and continued on the stony path that led through the tree alley to the grounds. Ella was excited of the ruins. It is a perfect place to seek and hide. When you descend the stone steps, you will reach tunnel at the Mlýnský potok stream, which will take you out again. Better than any children's playground!

Bridge over Mlýnský stream

Ruins of the Egyptian pavilion


Nearby, there is the Red Mill and the path leading alongside the Collection plantation to Maria Theresa Pavilion.

Red mill

Marie Terezie pavilion

From the pavilion, we took the ride through the fields to Veltrusy Chateau. The Veltrusy Chateau is located in the middle of this extensive landscaped park. You can not go inside the chateau area with a bike, but there are stands in front of the gate, so that's no problem. At the gate, we were amused by the horse-drawn carriage stop, which regularly takes tourists around the park. If you are interested, you can take part at one of the chateau tours or just walk around and enjoy the place.

Veltrusy chateau

Surroundings of Veltrusy chateau

Surroundings of Veltrusy chateau

At the chateau there are stables for horses and their amazing open-air area.

Horses on pastures at Veltrusy chateau

The whole area is well marked, the signposts are at each crossroad, it is not possible to get lost here. We left the chateau and drove back to the car along the path that led along the horses and at the statue of St. Jan Nepomuk turned left. We crossed the blue bridge again back to the cinema and to the parking lot.

Signs in the park

Veltrusy chateau park

If you want to go for a trip to nature, have a walk or go for a ride, Veltrusy is the ideal place. Or just have a picnic, there are so many nice places there. More information about the castle can be found at its official website.

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