Vintgar gorge was discovered by local Mayor Jakob Žumer and photographer Benedict Lergetporer in 1891 and two years later it was open to the public. It is said that the name Vintgar was derived from its shape, which resembles a glass of wine.

The gorge is about 100 m deep, in some places up to 250 m and comes to the length of 1,600 m. The wooden sidewalks along the Radovna River have been built and the trail is very easy. It is only necessary to think that, thanks to the humid climate, it is slipping and to prepare for the crowds of tourists there. We set out early in the morning, and avoided the crowds.

The gorge is amazing. Whether we talk about the River Radovna and its rapids, waterfalls, cracks in the rocks, lush vegetation, or even the wooden paths and bridges. The turquoise color of the water is so stunning that you can not take your eyes off it. At the same time, it's so clean that you can keep a close eye on the bottom and watch trouts.

At the end of the trail, there is a 13 m high waterfall. There is a wooden bridge above it, so you can choose whether it will rummage under your feet or over your head. We walked a couple of stairs, crossed the bridge over Radovna, and we stood directly below it. It is a nice reward at the end.

Wherever you can go out of the trail to the river, there are stone towers of all sizes. When Ella saw it, she wanted to build one, of course. We allowed her to do it on the way back and she was absolutely excited.

In this part of the Triglav National Park, there are several interesting gorges, Vintgar is the most famous. Unfortunately, we did not have time to go through the others, but I believe, we will come back and visit them. Anyway, Vintgar is unforgettable.

Vintgar gorge location