View to Bohinj lake

You can take a cable car up to the Vogel to 1,535 m above sea level that runs every half hour. You have beautiful views of the surroundings and Lake Bohinj below you during the ride up. The ride itself was an experience for Ella. From the final station of the cable car, you can continue uphill to Orlove Grave by chairlift or you can choose one of the trails varying lengths and difficulty, for hiking.

Vogel trails

Our first steps led to a natural playground just below the restaurant's terrace. The swing, wooden house, and especially the labyrinth took Ella´s attention.


Stone labyrinth

When she got enough, she greeted the pony, and then her attention was caught by the loosely creeping cows. They seem to be used to people, because they didn´t mind touching, or even hugging.

Although the weather forecast scared us by the possible rain, the sun was shining, and there was quite hot even at that altitude. So we decided to hike only 1.4 km long educational trail. Already at the beginning, there is a perfect view of the Alps.

On the trail you will find six information boards, where you can read about history, views, fauna and flora.

The trail returns on the slope under the chairlift and along the bikepark, which is here open for all cyclist enthusiasts. Everyone can handle it, it does not have a big cant, nor a difficult terrain.

The trip to Vogel was special and nostalgic for me. I looked around and could not believe, I was here as a parent, and showing this place to my daughter. It was a beautiful morning in a beautiful place.

Vogel Ski Resort location