Four years ago Michal suggested to together take part at a charity Wings for Life World Run, organized by Red Bull, I agreed. I liked the idea of this event and most importantly, to be honest, that there will be only two of us on weekend, Ella will stay home with my parents.

Till then, I hated running from my heart. Especially at school, I was looking for excuses all the time. Well, I started with training in March. Quite late as the run was held first Sunday in May. With a great effort, I ran two kilometers. I asked Michal at home, "For how many kilometers did you register me?" "12," he said. I seemed to hear wrong. "You can not be serious! Why?! You know I hate running and I never run!" "Well, 12 is my lucky number," was his answer. I was about to cry.

Ok, two months left. I pushed myself and I ran first 10 kilometers in April. At the beginning of May, I stood in Bratislava at the start with the only goal. Not to give it. I passed 10 kilometers, and if there was not the Catcher Car, I was able to complete even 12. I was so proud of my self and was full of euphoria that I shared with my friend Jitka.

The next year, she was the only one who was not looking for excuses and registered for the World Run with me. Unfortunately, due to my inattention I had to take part at a CrossFit course in Vienna and I missed the event. Last year we were at the start together and ran not just for fun, we ran for those who can´t. Because we can, and we are grateful. I ran 11 kilometers and turned a bit closer to the magic number 12! This year my goal is clear. Again to help and reach the lucky number.

About the Run

Red Bull came up with the idea, the whole world can run. Everyone, worldwide, on the same day, at the same time. A race of epic proportions with just one lone runner left at the end. A world run. 100% of donations go directly to spinal cord research. After two years of preparation, in May 4, 2014 was the first run. Thousands of runners at six continents started to run with the "Catcher Car" behind them. The vehicles equipped with sensors, introduced to literally catch the runners not running towards a finish line but away from the finish line that chased them.

This year, World Run is held in May, 7 at 13:00 CET on 6 continents in 40 countries. Thirty minutes after the start, a Catcher Car will set off. As long as you stay in front of the car, you stay in the race. When the Catcher Car passes you, your race is over. Organizers will get you back to the start area than. Just decide the location and run!

O běhu ve zkratce

But if are not able to make it to any official event location, you still have the opportunity to be a part of the run. "Selfie Run!" The Wings for Life World Run App, available for iOS and Android, is perfect if you want to run your own course and still race at exactly the same time as everyone else worldwide, sharing the experience right down to a Virtual Catcher Car and your name on the Global Result List. More information is available here.

Wings for Life World Run is for all adults regardless of their physical condition. Really everyone can run. It does not matter how far and how fast you run. It's just about not looking for excuses. Be part and help with me!

Selfie Run

Wings for Life World Run is a matter of my heart. Thanks to it, I started to run. Thanks to it, I hate and I love running at the same time. Thanks to it, I challenge myself. Thanks to it, the run got a new dimension and meaning. Thanks to it, I help.