Chateau Žleby behind trees

We have never been at Žleby Chateau. We just walked around and went straight to its chateau park. It originated in the English style in the second half of the 19th century when the chateau was rebuilt. As you walk down from the castle through a steep slope into the park, you will find yourself on the banks of the river Doubrava. Sitting in the grass, listening to the fluffy sluice and the waterfall that drives the river Hostačovka into Doubrava is a nice relaxation. During our visit, nature has painted the trees with colors and it was amazing.

Chateau park

Waterfall at Doubrava river

We crossed the bridge over the waterfall and in a few minutes we were standing at the cashdesk of Žleby deer-park. On the way, we saw a goats behind the fences and then there was a wooden playground. Ella missed the playground this time that I appreciated.

Bridge over waterfall

In selected days and hours, there are demonstrations of bird predators and feeding of white deers. We came this time soon, and cause we saw both a year ago, we did not wait. We walked slowly around the deer-park and watched all the animals as we were not hurrying anywhere. Ella´s attention caught the stork, and then the marten, the hedgehog, and especially the owl.

The opportunity to be a few centimeters away from all known bird predators is a beautiful experience. Especially for Ella, when at her height she looks into their eyes when sitting on a perch. Once here I realized how beautiful and proud animals they are. The Show is definitely worth it. You learn a lot of interesting things about the birds themselves, about their breeding, and when they stretch their wings and fly over the surrounding forests, you feel great respect.

Bird predators expozition

Žleby is mainly visited for white deers. They are grazing behind a wooden fence and a water moat to keep them safe. During the commented feeding, they come to a distance of just a few meters from the fence and are beautifully seen. You will learn that their origin has not yet been unequivocally proven but probably are originated in Persia. They were brought to Bohemia by the aristocratic families around 1780, but the breeds soon ceased to exist. Only on the dominion of Žehušice the white deer managed to survive and after the refreshment of the blood of wildly colored animals, the numbers increased to 200 pieces. However, after the Second World War, there were less than thirty. In 1973, the second line of white deer began to live in Žleby. We watched them lying in the autumn sun and they are really beautiful.

White deers

Behind the white deers, there are mouflons, birds along the pond, wild boars, and fallow-deers, deers and does behind the forest road.

We made it with Ella this time at last minute. From October to April, the deer-park is closed, so if you want to see it, plan a visit for the next year. We'll definitely meet up there. Click here for all information.

Žleby location