At the cashdesk, we took a map of the ZOO, which helped us with orientation. Most of the time we followed the direction of the recommeded tour. The Zoo is divided into separate continents, which is a great idea. Expositions are beautiful and stylish according to the continents and we think that animals are more closer to visitors than in the Prague Zoo.

Ostriches and giraffes

At the time of our visit, we could see a young hyena. It was lying with its mother in the sun, and father watched them from above.


To touch a stingray, it is a renowned attraction there. After entering the exposition, you must first wash your hands before you touch the stingrays. There is a relatively large amount of them floating in the salt water in a pond and touching them is a strange feeling. Me and Ella say that they are slim, Michal, on the contrary, they are like a velvet. In the exposition, you can also buy prawns and feed the stingrays. The amount of food is strictly controled, so we had only about four prawns.


Before we got to Australia to see the kangaroos, we greeted many other animals. Even though there was nothing that would beat the kangaroos, we made some stops. Especially suricatas and penguins Ella enjoyed a lot. The flamingos win her heart with their pink colour everytime.




When we came to the kangaroos finally, it was disappointing at the beginning because they were too small. The kangaroo-red-haired reach maximum height of 93 cm. But they were only a few centimeters away from Ella, jumped over the pavement that led in the middle of the exposition and Ella saw the baby in the pouch, so the disappointment turned into joy. And kangaroo albinos were a great bonus.


Almost every half-hour, you can see the feeding of selected animals. You can also become an employee for some time and children can enjoy some of the many playgrounds around the Zoo. Refreshment is at every step, and if you start to be tired, you can go back to the entrance by a cruise train.

We had so much fun in the Zlín ZOO and if we go somewhere around, we will definitely visit it again. After all, we have not see everything there. For more information, visit its website.

ZOO Zlín location