Complaint Policy

If you need to claim goods, please fill in this CLAIM FORM and, together with a copy of the invoice, put it to the returned goods and send it to Martina Prokopova, Pokorneho 866/19, 198 00 Prague, Czech Republic.

Send the returned goods properly packed in order not to damage during the transport. Do not use the C.O.D. delivery, it will not be accepted. Transportation costs are at customer´s expenses.

Please keep in mind that you can not claim defects of goods that you have caused yourself or that you knew about before your purchase. As well as the defects we have agreed with you, as seller and consumer, to reduce the price. We do not even accept common wear and tear for a complaint.

A complaint must be submitted within 24 months at the latest. It must be applied immediately in order to avoid the extension of the defect and, as a consequence, rejection of the claim.

The maximum time for proceeding a complaint is set by law to 30 days. but we always do our best to solve it as soon as possible.