FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I shop more products at once?

If you shop more products at once, you have to make a separate order for each item. In that case, of course, only one postage fee is charged to you.

What size should I choose?

It's simple. In the description of each item, there is a SIZE GUIDE that helps you find your perfect size.

What if my goods don´t fit and need to be changed for a different size?

That's not a problem, I'd like to change it. Read the GOODS EXCHANGE POLICY.

How do I do the bank transfer?

Once I receive the order, I will send you confirmation by e-mail along with an proforma-invoice. There will be all the necessary information to do a payment.

When do you send me my order? 

Your order will be sent within 2 business days after the amount has been credited to the bank account.

What if the shipment is damaged during shipping?

In such a case, do not overtake it. If the packaging is damaged, refuse to accept the shipment and write down the damage report. At the same time, let me know about this situation. I will send you new goods or I will refund the amount paid.

Do you offer a Gift Certificate?

Yes! Write your request to info@lasoul.cz and we will discuss the details. Find all information about a Gift Certificate HERE.

How do I apply for a complaint?

There may be a defect in the product, of course. The deadline for claiming is 24 months from the date of receipt of the item. However, be aware of the fact that a defect is not considered to be a change in product resulting from wear or misuse. All information about how to proceed with a complaint can be found HERE.

Can I withdraw from the contract?

Sorry to hear that but it's not a problem. You can withdraw from the contract within 14 days of receiving the product. You can find all the information on how to proceed to withdraw from the contract HERE.